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Dental Implant Surgery

Beautiful senior woman holding up a mirror to her new dental implants and smiling at South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery in San Jose, CADental implants are a fairly common and highly efficient solution for missing tooth replacement.

Patients who have suffered missing teeth stand to enjoy the most from receiving dental implants.

If you are considering dental implants for replacing your missing teeth, you would also love to know what the procedure is like.

Understanding the steps in this procedure will help you appreciate the process more.

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we are happy to offer dental implant surgery to our patients in San Jose, Los Banos, and Gilroy CA.

Type Of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a little and lightweight titanium post that acts as a root. It is placed in the jawbone and becomes a sturdy base for a permanent artificial crown.

Dental implants are of two types known as endosteal or subperiosteal. Endosteal, which means in the bone, is the most popular type of implant used.

They are the type explained above.

Subperiosteal means on the bone, and are often called mini dental implants. They come in handy for patients who do not have adequate jawbones to receive the first type of dental implants.

Dental Implant Process

Our dental implant procedure usually starts with an evaluation.

When you come in for your first appointment, our professionals will assess and evaluate all of the important aspects of your oral health.

From your remaining natural teeth to your gums, and also your jawbone. We will see if you may need some preparatory procedure such as treatment of periodontal disease or a bone graft procedure.

Also, we will consider the number of teeth that are missing and the most suitable treatment for prostheses.

Dental Implant Surgery

This procedure is an invasive outpatient procedure. We will administer local anesthesia for the patient to keep them sedated and comfortable during the entire procedure.

Our oral surgeon will cut an incision in the gums to expose the jawbone. Then holes will be drilled to hold the implant post.

Once the implant is securely placed, the site will be carefully closed for osseointegration and healing to begin.

The Healing Process

Osseointegration is how the jawbone will bond to the dental implant. During this period, the patient may be given a temporary crown or bridge to cover the implant site while it heals.

The healing period could last between two to six months. You will be required to check in regularly with our professionals to monitor the healing process. Once it is healed, the jawbone will be completely bonded to the implant, securing and strengthening it.

The Abutment and Crown

Following the healing process, you will be required to come in for another minimally invasive procedure where the abutment will be placed.

This is fastened to the implant post and serves as the link to the crown. This may also take several weeks to heal.

Then the crown is placed. While this is usually a fixed and permanent replacement, some patients may request for a removable option for easy cleaning at home.

Once all of the parts have been completely joined, you will have a fully functional dental implant tooth. It will feel and look as natural as your teeth.

Dental implants do not require much trouble to care for.


Our dentists will provide detailed aftercare instructions regarding rest, eating soft foods, and limiting activity. This downtime will only be a short time and will be well worth your new smile with dental implants.

You can speak to our professionals at South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery by calling us at San Jose (408) 479-9449 if you would like more information concerning dental implants.

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We're now officially accredited with Medicare, allowing coverage for a range of oral surgery procedures including dental implants, bone grafts, biopsies, extractions, and comprehensive full-mouth implants.

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