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Side view of Trefoil bar and implants from South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery in San Jose, CAWhile there are many reasons for oral and facial surgery, gum disease is the most common.

This dental complication affects the tissues supporting teeth and is often caused by improper oral hygiene practices.

If you experience swollen, red, and bleeding gums, South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery can diagnose and address the problem.

The best way to maintain healthy gums is to schedule routine checkups with a professional dentist, ensuring minor issues do not get out of hand.

A major advancement toward this initiative is the Trefoil treatment.

What Is Trefoil?

The Trefoil treatment is a remarkable advancement in complex dental procedures, offering patients a swift and efficient solution for full bottom teeth restoration within 24 hours.

This revolutionary approach to oral surgery streamlines the traditional process, allowing for a quicker transition from surgery to the final restoration.

How Trefoil Works

The Trefoil system operates on a well-designed framework that enhances tooth restoration with remarkable speed and precision.

This revolutionary approach relies on a pre-manufactured titanium bar with adaptive joints, which play a pivotal role in its function. These adaptive joints are crucial to accommodating small deviations in oral procedures, including implant placement in the jawbone.

Is Trefoil Right for Me?

Whether the Trefoil system is the right choice depends on your dental needs and preferences.

Trefoil provides an effective solution for individuals with missing or damaged lower teeth who want a quick restoration.

Dental experts can leverage this modern approach to provide the convenience of same-day implant bridges without the downtime associated with dental restoration methods.

However, it is essential to consult with a qualified dental professional to assess your specific oral health needs and goals.

Our experts can help determine whether Trefoil is the most suitable treatment option for you based on factors such as the condition of your jawbone, overall oral health, and any unique considerations you may have.

Trefoil Dental Implant System

The Trefoil dental implant system is an innovative approach in the field of dental implant placement, providing patients with a fast and effective solution for restoring missing lower teeth.

This revolutionary treatment has gained significant traction for its ability to streamline the conventional implant process.

The Trefoil system uses a pre-manufactured titanium bar with adaptive joints. These joints are essential for accommodating slight deviations in the positions of the dental implants surgically placed in the lower jaw.

This adaptability ensures precision when fitting the final implant bridge.

The Trefoil dental implant system provides fast results and delivers an implant bridge that closely mimics the appearance and functionality of natural teeth.

This feature enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the smile, thereby improving the overall quality of life.

While Trefoil is an impressive advancement in dental implant technology, suitability depends on the specific dental needs and preferences of each patient.

The Trefoil dental implant system is a revolutionary approach that provides swift and precise solutions for restoring lower teeth.

However, deciding to opt for Trefoil or any dental implant treatment should always involve consultation with a qualified dental professional.

Visit South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery for Treatment

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we prioritize your oral health, jawbone condition, and specific goals for personalized guidance.

While Trefoil offers many benefits, its suitability varies from patient to patient. A dentist can determine if it is the right option for you.

Contact us at San Jose - (408) 479-9449, Gilroy - (408) 479-8788 to make an informed choice and access treatment tailored to your unique needs.

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