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How We Alter Partial Dentures If You Lose Another Tooth

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dr McMurray
How We Alter Partial Dentures If You Lose Another ToothIf you have several missing teeth, partial dentures will be a great way to replace them. Partial dentures help restore your smile and your mouth functionality. With them, you will be able to chew food properly and enjoy your favorite dishes. However, getting partial dentures doesn't mean that you can't lose another tooth. The chances of tooth loss are still there; you could get involved in an accident or develop an oral condition that leads to tooth loss. When this happens, we will have to adjust your partial dentures to fit the new look.

Altering Partial Dentures

Depending on the location of the newly lost tooth, we will adjust your partial dentures to cover the open gap. The adjusting process is generally easier if the base of your partial dentures extends close to the new gap. Generally, it is much more difficult to add a new tooth to a flexible denture than to an acrylic denture. This is mainly due to the nature of the material used. That's the reason why we evaluate the state of your mouth before making changes to your partial dentures. In some cases, the new tooth gap could be far away from the partial denture. We will have to redesign the entire partial denture and create one that incorporates the new gap in such cases.

Another important factor we consider when redesigning partial dentures is the type of connector used to link it. Some dentures have fragile connectors that could easily break during the adjustment process. Therefore, we apply cautious methods that help keep the denture in position. In some cases, the tooth could be lost due to oral infections. In that case, we make sure the created gap is free from infections before adjusting the partial denture. This is important because the infection could spread to other areas. Contact us for more information on partial dentures.
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